As an innovative leader in the concrete and masonry industries, Kingston Block & Masonry Supply, LLC has taken a profound role in manufacturing a sustainable line of concrete products. With the global concern for sustainable building on the rise, we understood the importance of this issue prompting us to reduce our carbon footprint. We view the current renaissance of the construction industry as an opportunity to transform conventional methods and materials into sustainable alternatives. Through unique characteristics, our ecologically sensitive concrete product line can be used to meet LEED™ requirements, thus manufacturing a product that adheres to your projects’ green initiatives, while helping to save the planet at the same time.

We are an authorized manufacturer of Pozzotive®, a high performance postconsumer Supplementary Cementitious Material (SCM) derived from postconsumer recycled glass recovered within the U.S.A. By manufacturing our sustainable concrete product line with up to 30% Portland cement replacement, we are dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the need for virgin mined materials, and saving valuable landfill space. Kingston Block & Masonry Supply’s sustainable product line has been very well received, and used by the majority of the nation’s top architecture and engineering firms.

We proudly supply and offer superior service to our regions contractors, architects, engineers and LEED consultants with quality concrete building products. Kingston Block & Masonry Supply, LLC is your single source for sustainable masonry products throughout the New York metropolitan area and beyond. The very essence of our product line promotes a better environment through recycling.

We are a Leader in Worldwide Carbon Dioxide Emission Savings:
Over 5,000,000 Pounds

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